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Online Learning 101


Using Online Resources to Enrich your Classrooms 


Welcome to Online Learning 101, a PBWiki site created by Debra Lee and Jen MacArthur. We hope that you will find useful information and links on this site to begin or continue to enjoy the unlimited resources of the Web in your classrooms.


Even in Medieval Norway, people had tech problems. Watch the following video from the Norwegian Broadcasting Company (with English subtitles) as a monk tries to understand the new technology of the day. Every new technology can seem overwhelming at first, but we hope that these pages and our workshops will help you feel brave enough to try out a few new resources in your teaching.



To stay up-to-date with technology innovations can be challenging. Jane Hart's blog provides us with a great way to review top 10 tools from learning professionals, the top 100 tools for 2009, a bank of 2000+ Web 2.0 tools divided into categories, and a tool of the day.


Top Ten Tools from Learning Professionals

Top 100 Tools for 2010

Directory of Learning Tools

Jane Hart's Pick of the Day



Here you will find information about online audio resources and tools to help you and your students to communicate with each other and the broader world. We have focused here on speaking and listening resources, but there are plenty of reading/writing resources on the web, as well. In fact, most of these communication tools allow you to combine all four skills and are a great way to collaborate, so be sure to visit the sections on Collaboration and Classrooms, as well.



Working together on projects in a traditional classroom, in an online class, or with colleagues in distant locations has never been easier. Look at these sample websites for examples of what is possible. Collaborative software is improving all the time, making online cooperation easier every year.



Course Management Systems or Virtual Learning Environments make it fairly easy to create, maintain, and run an online class. If you want an online classroom to supplement your in-class time (blended learning) or if you want to try a no-holds-barred solely virtual classroom, these are some tools you might want to try.


Other Great Resources

These are some of our favorite web resources that we will only briefly mention during our presentation. Take some time to explore these websites and you will find some great free resources for integrating more technology into the preparation, teaching, and learning in your classrooms.


PowerPoint Presentations

In this section you will find copies of some powerpoint presentations that Jen and Debby have used to guide their workshops.



Click on Sandbox to find images, mp3 files, and other documents you can use to practice uploading materials into your own wiki. You can also use the sandbox on this wiki to upload the mp3 files you create in the Audacity and Podcasting Session.

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